Empowering Communities: How JB Holdings is Creating Thousands of Jobs Across Africa


In a continent often plagued by economic challenges, JB Holdings stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment. This wholly black-owned South African company has its core business focus in property development and strategic investment in diverse portfolios, including mining, telecoms, oil and gas projects across Africa. One of the most impactful contributions of JB Holdings is its commitment to job creation. This article delves into how JB Holdings is empowering communities by creating thousands of jobs across Africa.

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A Multi-Faceted Approach to Job Creation

JB Holdings doesn’t just focus on one sector; it has a diversified portfolio that spans various industries. This multi-faceted approach allows the company to create a wide range of job opportunities, from skilled positions in mining and telecoms to retail jobs in their property developments.

Mining for Opportunities

Through its subsidiary, JB Minerals, JB Holdings focuses on sustainable mining ventures. The company has created numerous jobs in this sector, contributing to local economies and providing much-needed employment opportunities in communities near their mining projects.

Telecoms and Connectivity

In an increasingly connected world, JB Holdings recognises the importance of telecoms. By investing in this sector, the company is not only creating jobs but also contributing to Africa’s digital transformation, bridging the gap between remote areas and urban centres.

Property Development and Management

JB Property Fund, another subsidiary of JB Holdings, has been instrumental in job creation through its commercial property developments. These projects don’t just offer construction jobs; they also create long-term employment opportunities in retail, security, and property management.

Oil and Gas Sector

Through JB Oil, the company has ventured into the oil and gas sector, another significant employer. From exploration to distribution, this sector offers a plethora of job opportunities, further contributing to JB Holdings’ employment creation strategy.

Social Impact and Community Upliftment

Beyond just providing jobs, JB Holdings is committed to social impact. The company’s projects often come with additional benefits for communities, such as skills development programmes, educational initiatives, and healthcare services.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Since its inception, JB Holdings has created over 23,575 jobs, a number that continues to grow with each new project. These aren’t just numbers; they represent families being fed, children going to school, and communities flourishing.


Job creation is more than a corporate responsibility for JB Holdings; it’s a mission. Through its diverse investments and focus on sustainable, impactful projects, JB Holdings is making a tangible difference in the lives of thousands across Africa. The company is not just investing in industries; it’s investing in people, empowering communities one job at a time.