Energising the Future

Fueling Development, Sustaining Communities

Energising Futures with JB Oil

JB Oil, a distinguished subsidiary of JB Holdings and the exclusive supplier of Idemitsu in South Africa, is a beacon of innovation in the lubricant industry. As a 100% black-owned entity, we’re not just a business; we’re a vision in motion, aspiring to ascend as market leaders in the lubricant trade. Our strategy is rooted in fostering enduring partnerships and employing inventive trading solutions, setting us apart in a competitive landscape. With a global acumen fused with profound local insights, JB Oil is synonymous with reliability, excellence, and a profound commitment to fulfilling the lubricant needs of diverse sectors.

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Fueling Sustainable Progress

At the heart of JB Oil lies an unyielding commitment to excellence, demonstrated through our global infrastructure that ensures seamless transport, distribution, and storage of lubricants. We pride ourselves on collaborating with partners who echo our dedication to international operational standards. Our team is a blend of global expertise and specialist knowledge, committed to establishing robust relationships with key industry players. This relational approach, coupled with our participation in major lubricant trading forums, ensures we’re always at the pulse of market trends, providing clients with timely and quality deliveries.

"In the dynamic world of lubricant trade, we don't just adapt; we set the pace. Through innovation, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to our clients and community, we're not just supplying a product; we're fuelling the future."


Bongani Shabangu

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