JB Holdings  and its newly formed subsidiary  JR Capital  has it’s focus in building  legacy projects in Oil, Gas and Mining. We achieves this through strategic acquisitions, and long-term investments. Our vision is to create sustainable jobs in manufacturing and to provide enterprise development opportunities to small black-owned businesses.


JB Holdings through it’s subsidiary, JR Capital has been pioneering  the current projects below.


The company has recently successfully applied for prospecting rights from the Department of Mineral Resources and will start exploration work in 2018.


Ferrochrome Beneficiation, North West:

Mineral Beneficiation has become one of the major drivers in advancing the empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa. JR Capital is currently involved in the processing and recovery of chrome and related products from ferrochrome dumps owned by JB Minerals in Rusternburg. The company is interested in mineral beneficiation through the development of value-added processing plants, in order to transform primary material (produced by mining and extraction processes) to a more finished product. This strategy allows us to derive higher export sales value and contributes towards local economic development and job creation. We will achieve this vision through adding Labour-intensive processes, such as, ferrochrome brickmaking, metal fabrication and craft jewellery.

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